RTL Kampeert

Costa Brava

Alles wat er te ontdekken valt in Europa's bekende bestemming Costa Brava en de Pyrenëeen van Girona.

Another world is possible… it’s called Costa Brava & Girona Pyrenees!

A world where the Mediterranean Sea is close to the Pyrenees mountains. Where the snow is not far from the sand. Where beaches, coves and cliffs share space with volcanoes, and coastal paths with ski slopes. Where you can find culture side by side with adventure sports, and fine dining is laced with history. 

A world where you can travel back to the tenth century and return in time to have supper at the best restaurants. Where you can go from the captivating Romanesque to avantgarde signature cuisine in a matter of minutes. 

You choose. It depends on your interests, your sensibility or your spirit. On whether you like searching for things or being surprised. Discovering or simply finding. 

Coves or caves? Wines or cheeses? Kayaking or cycling? Forest bathing or a relaxing spa? Playing golf or snowboarding? A thousand ways of doing and being, of identities and traditions firmly rooted in this green and blue, brown and white world. A world that contains many other worlds. 

Another world is possible and you can discover it in the Costa Brava & Girona Pyrenees.